Imagine you’re responsible for marketing at a company that is changing rapidly. Innovation and agility is essential. Critical to your success is clear, compelling, and memorable communication. Unfortunately, unraveling the complexity of messaging monopolizes your time and bankrupts your budget. My specialty is in helping marketers of small businesses communicate the heart and soul of what they do to those who care. By using the principles of purchase psychology, purpose-driven marketing, and storytelling, I create communication that increases sales and effectively builds the  business. If you’re unsure about what to say or feel your messaging is not focused or inspiring, I’d love to discuss how we could work together.
Making your marketing messages more meaningful.
Marketers are under increasing pressure to change as technology opens the door to new and disruptive business models. As a result, they need to dream big and move fast. And while agility, ingenuity, and energy can go a long way, at a certain point a creative communications pro is needed to help take marketing to the next level.
Accelerated communication creativity can be the catalyst for future growth, and it’s easier to achieve than you may think.  Creative solutions in a short timeframe are achieved in the following ways:
By using a process dialog-driven process, solutions are iterative, intuitive and agreed upon quickly.
Communication challenges are broken down and isolated to provide options that are focussed, relevant and easy to comprehend.
Most importantly, messages are creatively elevated to make them impactful and memorable. The art and craft of persuasion are used to create an emotional bond with customers.
Feel free to browse the links provided and contact me with any questions. Please send me an email or call @ 914-309-4522. 
Thank you!
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