Wearable identity for those seeking help and their service providers..

Organizations providing social services help those in need with volunteers. The people served are not in a stable living condition and often lack proper identity papers, transportation, or addresses.  Volunteers require flexible work-hours and their participation may be transitory.  

As it stands, there are over 300 food pantries and shelters in central Ohio and all of them have different identity requirements and vast number of volunteers. Non-profits and governmental agencies need accurate data on utilization, participation, and demographics to secure funding, manage resources effectively, and demonstrate success.

People in need require an easy way to register and access services. Volunteers need an easy way to track and schedule hours. Service organizations have to do more with less, using unpredictable resources to meet unpredictable needs. Overhead and coordination is a major issue, needing records, data, that is easy and affordable.

Band provides wearable technology that tracks documentation of the participation of social services customers and their volunteers. It validates identity profiles and tracks participation for more efficient use of resources. 
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